1. Late Night Sweet (Tues 11/15/11)

    COLIN QUINN (former SNL performer and Weekend Update anchor, and one of the most prolific performers of our time.)

    JULIAN MCCULLOUGH (Com Cen Presents, Fallon, NPR’s “This American Life,” he totally had fangs way before they were cool to have)

    FRANNY FLUFFER (One of NY’s finest and fiercest Burlesque performers)

    HORATIO SANZ (former SNL performer, UCB superstar, “Road Trip,” “Boat Trip,” won’t give up the beard, no matter what, its weird now)

    As my DJ Co-host:
    JUSTIN LONG (“Live Free or Die,” “He’s Just Not Into You,” Mac Guy, surprisingly lovable)

    Including an appearance from MY MOM
    and maybe other special guests too!