1. Sweet Line Up for Tues (11/8/11)

    Hosted by your favorite NY comedain:
    SETH HERZOG (VH1, “Late Night w Jimmy Fallon,” “30 Rock,” got exhausted from watching the NY Marathon)

    Joining me on stage this week:
    MATT MCCARTHY (“Cable guy” from Verizon Fios ads, “The Other Guys,” “Bored to Death,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Thinks the Tsunami was an inside job)

    ROB CANTRELL (NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” “Late Late Show,” has one of the greatest white boy fro’s in the biz)

    ROGER HAILES (writer on FUSE’s “A Different Spin w Mark Hoppus,” “Live at Gotham,” “Chappelle Show,” grew up thinking that U2 were Italian)

    And my very special DJ/co-host
    JOSH CHARLES (Emmy Nominated for CBS’ “The Good Wife,” “Dead Poets,” “Sports Night,” 

    And maybe some other special guests!

    Including another special appearance from MY MOM